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DraftKings Drafting Assistant Tool Dec 2018
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DraftKings Fantasy Drafting Assistant

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This tool shows a player's most recent stats at DraftKings, as well as his season averages, and his previous week's stats so you can compare these numbers and sort the columns all from a single page. Season averages are shown in bold, and a player's previous week's stats are shown in italics.

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Stats Last Updated on 5:00pm on Friday 14th December 2018 ET
Displaying results for Position: All, Week: 15
Rank Name Team Pos DK Pts DK Salary DK Price /Pt Off Snap % Rush Att Rush Yds Rec Tgt Rec Rec Yds Rush Att + Rec Tgt Total Yds TDs DK Pts Avg DK Salary Avg Prev DK Pts Prev DK Salary Prev DK Price /Pt Prev Off Snap % Prev Rush Yds Prev Rec Yds Rush Att + Rec Tgt Prev Total Yds Prev TDs Next Opp Opp Rank Opp Pos Rank Next Game Next DK Salary Next DK Price /Pt
Antonio GatesLACTE9.42800297.95700545455405.1625213.92800717.9400192190BAL223HOME00
Philip RiversLACQB23.526300267.91000000000021.33572113.56500481.510070270BAL26HOME00
Virgil GreenLACTE2.92500862.158003293903.0623790250007000000BAL223HOME00
Anthony ShermanKCRB0300005000000001.4230000.2300015000720220SEA1118AWAY00
Travis BenjaminLACWR8.53200376.55918325746503.6929002.130001428.6350111110BAL25HOME00
Geno SmithLACQB0430000000000000.184475043000000000BAL26HOME00
Travis KelceKCTE13.17400564.9100009761961020.64670020.76700323.7990779771SEA113AWAY00
Keenan AllenLACWR078000230000000017.78694318.87400393.6950789781BAL25HOME00
Spencer WareKCRB0600000000000006.08400817.95200290.5487554201290SEA1118AWAY00
Demetrius HarrisKCTE02600030002002003.5725235.82500431330283280SEA113AWAY00
Sammy WatkinsKCWR05000000000000012.115020050000000000SEA1122AWAY00
Damien WilliamsKCRB30.34100135.373104966741612325.063092193000157.950141613302SEA1118AWAY00
Kelvin BenjaminKCWR2.734001259.32000211721705.163677034000000000SEA1122AWAY00
Melvin GordonLACRB08000000000000026.358180080000000000BAL23HOME00
Chris ConleyKCWR3.940001025.69500321931906.1433643.338001151.5990133130SEA1122AWAY00
Tyrell WilliamsLACWR13.14300328.2880012671127109.8139504.446001045.5840144140BAL25HOME00
Demarcus RobinsonKCWR8.73700425.360003273713.5130869.23000326.1650427420SEA1122AWAY00
Tyreek HillKCWR8.183001024.7883-574461041021.95797925.58000313.7766139151450SEA1122AWAY00
Derek WattLACRB0300008000000000.1127861.2300025001802120BAL23HOME00
Patrick MahomesKCQB18.026900382.91002300023029.61687124.787000282.5100-302-30SEA119AWAY00
Mike WilliamsLACWR36.54100112.38911997761095311.5536437.53900520510456450BAL25HOME00
Desmond KingLACDB0000000000000.430000000000BAL20HOME00
Harrison ButkerKCK4000000000009.210900000000SEA115AWAY00
Marcus KempKCWR0300002000000000.1230000300001000000SEA1122AWAY00
Sean CulkinLACTE0250000000000000.282292025000000000BAL223HOME00
Austin EkelerLACRB06200000000000012.15411517.46200356.368662820941BAL23HOME00
Justin JacksonLACRB17.549002807616584327208516.9330435.53800690.93712239350BAL23HOME00
Michael BadgleyLACK300000000000901700000000BAL22HOME00
Detrez NewsomeLACRB7.3300041124634221985301.12625030000000000BAL23HOME00
Darrel WilliamsKCRB11.23000267.925213221943214.3330001.830001666.7208180SEA1118AWAY00

How to Use the DraftKings Fantasy Football Drafting Assistant Tool

This is another free tool with updated stats to help you analyze players and their DraftKings stats so you can draft a stronger team. First select the most recent week of games that have completed.

And then choose a specific position, or leave it blank to compare all players. This is a nice feature because it allows you to find value across the different positions. Compare Wide Receivers to Tight Ends to find the overall stronger player at a cheaper price.

Press Submit and the query will return the players and their most recent week’s stats, their season average stats, and the prior week’s stats so you can compare performance all on one screen.

We also show the upcoming opponent, the opponent’s rankings, and whether the upcoming game is a home or away game.

The columns in bold show season averages, while the columns in italics show the previous week’s stats.

Also, all the columns are sortable! So rank the players in various ways to gain different perspectives.

HINTS: Perhaps you want to rank the players by their DK Price/Pt to see their relative values based on the most recent game, but also then want to rank players by RushAtt + RecTgt to see how often they are targeted for the ball!

You can also find potential great value by looking at the Next DK Price/Pt which divides a player’s upcoming DraftKings salary with the fantasy points earned in the player’s most recent game (lower number indicates greater value).

Have fun analyzing the data and we hope this helps you draft a better team!

Column Descriptions

DK Pts – DraftKings fantasy points scored from the most recent week.

DK Salary – DraftKings salary from the most recent week.

DK Price/Pt – DraftKings player salary price per fantasy point earned from the most recent week.

Off Snap % – % of offensive snaps played in the most recent week.

Rush Att – Number of rushing attempts in the game.

Rush Yds – Number of rushing yards.

Rec Tgt – Number of receiving targets.

Rec – Number of completed receptions.

Rec Yds – Number of receiving yards.

RushAtt + RecTgt – The sum of rushing attempts and receiving targets this player had in the game.

Total Yds – Total yards (rushing yards + receiving yards)

DK Pts Avg – Season average of DraftKings fantasy points per game through the most recent week.

DK Salary Avg – Season average of DraftKings salary cost per week.

Prev Off Snap % – % of offensive snaps played in the prior week.

Prev DK Pts – DraftKings points in the week prior to this most recent game.

Prev DK Salary – DraftKings salary in the week prior’s game.

Prev DK Price/Pt – DraftKings player salary price per fantasy point earned from the most previous week.

Prev Rush Yds – Rushing yards from the previous week.

Prev Rec Yds – Receiving yards from the previous week.

Prev RushAtt + RecTgt – The sum of rushing attempts and receiving targets this player had in the previous week’s game.

Prev Total Yds – Total yards (rushing yards + receiving yards) this player had in the previous week’s game.

Next Opp – The next upcoming opponent.

Opp Rank – The opponents defensive ranking.

Opp PosRank – The opponents defensive rank vs. the position.

Next Game – Shows weather the upcoming game for that player is a HOME game or AWAY game.

Next DK Salary – Player’s DraftKings salary for the upcoming week.

Next DK Price/Pt – Player’s DraftKings salary for the upcoming week divided by the DraftKings fantasy points earned from this past week.

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