Kicker (K) Stats Cheat Sheet for NFL 2020-2021 Season
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2020 NFL Kicker (K) Stats Cheat Sheet NFL Season 2020-2021

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Displaying results for Season: 2020,
Rank Name Team FGM /Gm FGA /Gm FGM FGA FG% FGM 0-19 FGM 20-29 FGM 30-39 FGM 40-49 FGM 50+ DK FP /GM FD FP /GM XPM /Gm XPM XPA GP Season FG/Gm Opp Opp PosRank
Matt PraterDET1.311.7521280.75047467.317.312.383841161.31
Robbie GouldSF1.271.5319230.83035927.077.072.43638151.27
Mason CrosbyGB1116161115547.57.53.695963161
Stephen GostkowskiTEN1.21.7318260.69024577.937.933.074648151.2
Ryan SuccopTB1.751.9428310.91109719.069.063.255257161.75
Graham GanoNYG1.94231320.970413958.318.311.312123161.94
Nick FolkNE1.631.7526280.930671127.697.691.883033161.63
Mike NugentARI1.752780.88014207.57.51.757741.75
Dan BaileyMIN0.941.3815220.68063425.635.632.313743160.94
Randy BullockCIN1.752.1721260.81038738.338.3322425121.75
Justin TuckerBAL1.631.8126290.9086939.069.063.255253161.63
Greg ZuerleinDAL2.132.5634410.8315131239.569.562.063336162.13
Dustin HopkinsWAS1.692.1327340.79057132881.883032161.69
Brandon McManusDEN1.872.2728340.820648109.079.071.62427151.87
Chris BoswellPIT1.461.5419200.95056717.697.692.623438131.46
Cody ParkeyCLE1.271.4719220.860541007.337.332.874347151.27
Cairo SantosCHI1.88230320.940910928.698.692.253637161.88
Ty LongLAC0000000000-0.18-0.18000160
Josh LamboJAX1.251.255510021277281041.25
Jason MyersSEA1.51.5242410271328.638.633.064953161.5
Ka'imi FairbairnHOU1.691.9427310.87089648.258.252.313740161.69
Wil LutzNO1.441.7523280.820510718.448.443.565758161.44
Jon BrownJAX12120.5001004411111
Aldrick RosasJAX1.331.838110.73032036.56.51.59961.33
Sam FickenNYJ1.441.6713150.8705611661.33121591.44
Jake ElliottPHI0.881.1914190.74016524.694.691.52426160.88
Harrison ButkerKC1.561.6925270.93279348.388.3834854161.56
Zane GonzalezARI1.331.8316220.73042828.178.173.173839121.33
Younghoe KooATL2.472.637390.95010118811.211.22.23336152.47
Daniel CarlsonLV2.062.1933350.940188349.699.692.814547162.06
Jason SandersMIA2.252.4436390.9218712810.7510.752.253636162.25
Michael BadgleyLAC1.52.0624330.73086827.57.52.253639161.5
Tristan VizcainoSF3333100210121222213
Matt GayLAR22.2914160.88025619.439.432.29161672
Elliott FryATL11111010004411211
Austin SeibertCIN1.21.8690.67005105.45.41.68951.2
Matthew WrightPIT1.331.3344101120772.337731.33
Joey SlyeCAR1.812.2529360.8101110718.068.062.063336161.81
Chase McLaughlinNYJ11.25450.801111551.255641
Tyler BassBUF1.752.1328340.82196849.819.813.565759161.75
Rodrigo BlankenshipIND22.3132370.8601012919.389.382.694345162
Samuel SlomanTEN1.251.6310130.77016206.886.882.88232681.25
Brandon WrightLAR00000000001111210
Sergio CastilloNYJ1.332.178130.62003226616761.33
Taylor RussolinoDEN01010000001111310

NFL Football Kicker Stats Season 2020-2021


Gm = Game
FG = Field Goal
FGA = Field Goals Attempted
FGM = Field Goals Made
FG% = % of successful field goals made
FP = Fantasy Points
DK = DraftKings
FD = FanDuel
DK FP/Gm = DraftKings fantasy points per game
FD FP/Gm = FanDuel fantasy points per game
XPA = Extra points attempted
XPM = Extra points made
GP = Games played
Opp = Opponent

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by Admin on Kicker Stats
Sorry, Columns Fixed

Hi, sorry about the column labels, they've been fixed, thanks for letting us know!

by Floydy on Kicker Stats
The columns are all wrong

Columns are all wrong. Distance stat columns are all out by one place (40-49 column has the stat for 50+ and so on), no Longest, no 50+ etc.

Will be a nice table if it's fixed so I'll be generous with 3 Stars!

by anna on Kicker Stats
very good but could use some canges

This is one of the best websites I have ever visited but should have a choice to have the kickers in there own division. But over all really good website!