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FanDuel Week 6 Leaders

RankNameTmFD PtsPass Yds
1Deshaun WatsonHOU32.00335
2Matt RyanATL31.64371
3Ryan TannehillTEN29.56364
4Carson WentzPHI29.42213
5Kyler MurrayARI28.92188
RankNameTmFD PtsRush Yds
1Derrick HenryTEN39.40212
2Kenyan DrakeARI28.40164
3D'Andre SwiftDET25.80116
4Ronald Jones IITB25.10113
5Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC18.90161
RankNameTmFD PtsRec Yds
1Justin JeffersonMIN35.10166
2Julio JonesATL29.70137
3Christian KirkARI21.6086
4Will Fuller VHOU21.30123
5A.J. BrownTEN20.1056
RankNameTmFD PtsRec Yds
1Anthony FirkserTEN21.30113
2George KittleSF20.40109
3Trey BurtonIND19.9058
4Travis KelceKC19.0065
5Darren FellsHOU17.5085

DraftKings Week 6 Leaders

RankNameTmDK PtsPass Yds
1Deshaun WatsonHOU35.00335
2Matt RyanATL34.64371
3Ryan TannehillTEN33.56364
4Lamar JacksonBAL31.24186
5Carson WentzPHI30.42213
RankNameTmDK PtsRush Yds
1Derrick HenryTEN43.40212
2Kenyan DrakeARI31.40164
3D'Andre SwiftDET30.30116
4Ronald Jones IITB29.10113
5Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC23.90161
RankNameTmDK PtsRec Yds
1Justin JeffersonMIN42.60166
2Julio JonesATL36.70137
3Will Fuller VHOU27.30123
4Keelan ColeJAX23.30143
5A.J. BrownTEN22.6056
RankNameTmDK PtsRec Yds
1Anthony FirkserTEN28.30113
2George KittleSF26.90109
3Travis KelceKC22.5065
4Trey BurtonIND21.9058
5Darren FellsHOU20.5085

FanDuel Season Leaders

RankNameTmFD PtsPass Yds
1Russell WilsonSEA30.08300
2Dak PrescottDAL27.83371
3Kyler MurrayARI27.41248
4Patrick MahomesKC26.58283
5Josh AllenBUF25.79285

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RankNameTmFD PtsRush Yds
1Alvin KamaraNO25.7256
2Christian McCaffreyCAR24.9078
3Dalvin CookMIN21.4698
4Derrick HenryTEN21.44118
5Aaron JonesGB21.2078

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RankNameTmFD PtsRec Yds
1Travis FulghamPHI18.4795
2DK MetcalfSEA17.7299
3Calvin RidleyATL17.2591
4Adam ThielenMIN17.1769
5Davante AdamsGB16.2784

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RankNameTmFD PtsRec Yds
1George KittleSF16.6895
2Travis KelceKC15.5878
3Jonnu SmithTEN12.5847
4Robert TonyanGB11.5640
5Noah FantDEN11.3555

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DraftKings Season Leaders

RankNameTmDK PtsPass Yds
1Russell WilsonSEA31.88300
2Dak PrescottDAL30.33371
3Kyler MurrayARI28.08248
4Patrick MahomesKC28.08283
5Josh AllenBUF27.79285

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RankNameTmDK PtsRush Yds
1Alvin KamaraNO30.1256
2Christian McCaffreyCAR26.6578
3Dalvin CookMIN24.0698
4Derrick HenryTEN24.04118
5Aaron JonesGB23.6078

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RankNameTmDK PtsRec Yds
1Travis FulghamPHI22.4795
2Calvin RidleyATL22.1791
3Jamison CrowderNYJ22.0896
4DeAndre HopkinsARI21.35100
5DK MetcalfSEA21.3299

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RankNameTmDK PtsRec Yds
1George KittleSF21.9395
2Travis KelceKC19.3378
3Darren WallerLV15.5059
4Jonnu SmithTEN14.4847
5Noah FantDEN13.7355

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How to Play Fantasy Football Real Money Leagues

All the fantasy football money leagues work similarly. First, you decide on which kind of contest you want complete in – head to head against one other person, or against a field of thousands of players, or anything in between! You also have to decide on the entry free or stake to play at. You can play for as little as $1 or as much as $5,000 in a single contest.

The basic rules of all the fantasy football leagues follow the same format. You are given a salary cap and 9 positions to fill. You use your salary cap to fill each position without going over the cap. Then you sit back and see if your 9 position team can accumulate more points than your competition.

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Fantasy Sports Wagering is Completely Legal!

When online gambling in the United States was made illegal in 2006 by the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA 2006), real money wagering on fantasy sports leagues received an explicit exception. Click here to read more.

Basically, it was deemed by our government that playing and betting in fantasy leagues was a game of skill making real money fantasy leagues totally legal (yet poker was not considered a game of skill and did not receive the same exception).

US poker players got screwed, but fantasy sports fans are loving it!!! In fact, much like the poker boom in the USA and Canada that started back in 2003, the online fantasy sports industry is now enjoying a boom of its own.

It is estimated that almost 30 million fans play fantasy sports in the US and Canada and the major television and cable networks like Fox, NBC, and Comcast have actually launched fantasy sports leagues of their own.

Betting on sporting events is a lot of fun, but drafting your fantasy team and entering that team into big tournaments or head to head matches provides an entirely new level of excitement and entertainment! Not to mention you can win a lot of money (if you’re good)! You can also play for free and just for fun.

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