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DraftKings announced a new football format…Best Ball!

For fans not familiar with best ball, it is a season-long, snake draft format with no roster management during the season. No roster management in best ball means you do not have to deal with adds, drops, the waiver-wire, or trades as you would in a standard season-long fantasy league. Your drafted team is your set roster for the length of the contest.

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There are currently two types of best ball formats. The first format, are Sit and Go’s which can be played weekly from Week 1 through Week 16 with anywhere from 3 to 12 teams. The second format is Tournaments, which are 12-team contests played throughout the football season. The tournament schedule is typical to regular season-long schedules which includes four rounds as follows:

Round 1: Weeks 1 – 13
Round 2: Week 14
Round 3: Week 15
Round 4: Week 16

There are also two types of snake draft options. Slow Drafts allows up to 8 hours between each draft pick whereas Fast Drafts has a 30 second per pick timer.

Fantasy footballers, don’t miss out on your chance to get in season-long football action with Best Ball on DraftKings!

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