DraftKings specializes in daily fantasy sports and is expected to dole out more than 1 billion in prizes in 2017. During the last football season, the company awarded a cool million to more than a dozen players. It features an unmatched selection of games across many different leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, UFC and NASCAR.

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DraftKings Overview

DraftKings is the largest fantasy sports provider online. It emphasizes one-day contests, which means that you win fast and can move on quickly from disappointments. With traditional fantasy sports, an injury can haunt you all season, but that isn’t an issue with daily games. There are contests with lengths longer than a day for those who prefer it, and DraftKings does a great job of ensuring that there are paid options for all budgets. You can play cash games every day for a month and spend as little as $3.

Desktop and Mobile Software

Playing fantasy sports is more complex that placing a traditional sports wager. The upside is that the skill ceiling is higher, but it can also mean a greater time commitment. DraftKings has streamlined that experience with a slick user interface, and the UI is a big part of what separates this provider from most of the competition. Everything is website-based and makes it simple to peruse and search contests, join a contest, draft your team, manage your lineup and so forth. DraftKings also recently launched its new mobile site, which is optimized for smaller screens and touch controls and doesn’t require an app.

DraftKings Lobby

DraftKings Buidling a Lineup

DraftKings Mobile

Getting Started with a Free Account

Creating an account at DraftKings is simple and doesn’t require a deposit or any banking information. All you need is a valid email address and to create a username. There are contests to participate in that have a $0 entry fee. You can even win real cash prizes from these. There’s usually at least one free contest a week, and there’s often more based on which sports are active at the time.

Join DraftKings

Make a Deposit and Claim a Free Ticket

There’s certainly a lot more to do at DraftKings if you have money to wager, and there are 10-cent and 25-cent contests, so you don’t have to spend a lot to have fun and win cash prizes. The minimum deposit is $5, and that first deposit also nets you a free ticket. The free ticket is worth $3, and it doesn’t require a promo code. DraftKings will credit it to your account as soon as your deposit clears. The bonus ticket must be used within a year and is good for any $3 contest, which can pay out up to $30K.

DraftKings Free Contest Entry

Earning Frequent Player Points

DraftKings awards Frequent Player Points each time you enter a contest with a buy-in of $1 or more or complete a mission. New missions are available daily and sometimes require no money at all. Points from contest entries are earned immediately, but missions must be completed and claimed. All FPPs that you earn accrue and can be viewed in your account dashboard. You can spend FPPs on tickets, and merchandise is sometimes available. The cheapest ticket available is $0.25 and cost 150 FPPs, but much more valuable tickets are available, and the higher you go, the greater the return on your points.

DraftKings Frequent Player Points

Spending Your Frequent Player Points

Final Thoughts

If you love fantasy sports, you’ll love the quick hit experience that DraftKings delivers. The free contests, the low-roller contests and the tickets purchasable with FPPs ensure that you’re playing every day regardless of how big your bankroll is. Fantasy sports are also completely legal in most states, so U.S. players don’t have the same worries that are often prevalent when placing sports bets online.


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