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NFL Receiving Targets Data & Stats Nov 2018
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2018 NFL Receiving Targets Stats

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Stats Last Updated on 3:00am on Friday 16th November 2018 ET
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Rank Name Tm Pos Wk Tgts Yds/ Tgt Rec Rec Yds Yds/ Rec Rec TDs Rec % GP Season Tgts Season Yds/Tgt Season Tgts/Gm Season Rec Season Rec Yds Season Yds/Rec Season Rec TDs Season Rec %
Marcedes LewisGBTE11000000010311.70.323517.5067
Jimmy GrahamGBTE1111311313010010577.95.73445213.3260
Ed DicksonSEATE111151151511004518.61.2549323.2280
Randall CobbGBWR1100000005386.87.6262589.9168
Lance KendricksGBTE11262126010010166.41.6111039.4169
Doug BaldwinSEAWR11105.27527.41708398.44.883032710.9177
Jaron BrownSEAWR11000000010126.91.288310.4367
Davante AdamsGBWR111213.81016616.608310106910.67295313.2968
Tyler LockettSEAWR11514.257114.20100104911.34.93855414.6778
Mike DavisSEARB112122241201009284.83.11231345.8182
CJ ProsiseSEARB110000000537.30.63227.30100
Nick VannettSEATE1128.5117170509336.23.67212039.7264
Tre MaddenSEARB1100000001023.50.2177050
Jamaal WilliamsGBRB11000000010194.11.910777.7053
Aaron JonesGBRB11610.556312.61838236.12.88161418.8170
Chris CarsonSEARB1100000008117.31.3888010073
David MooreSEAWR1187.145714.205010329.73.21831017.2456
Robert Tonyan Jr.GBWR11154154541100102270.215454150
Rashaad PennySEARB11000000010126.21.29758.3075
J'mon MooreGBWR11000000061100.17110100100
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR1132.718803310429.84.22441017.1257
Equanimeous St. BrownGBWR1144116160257198.52.711016216.2053

NFL Receiving Targets Data & Stats

Weekly and season target data by skill positions provided.

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