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Los Angeles Rams 2017 Team Data

Overall Record: 7 - 2 - 0

In Week 11, the Los Angeles Rams have an away game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Conference: NFC
Division: West
Division Record: 2 - 1
Conference Record: 4 - 2
Bye Week: 8

Head Coach: Sean McVay
Off Coordinator: Matt LaFleur
Def Coordinator: Wade Phillips
Special Teams: John Fassel

Home Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
City: Los Angeles
Playing Surface: Grass
Offensive Scheme: 3WR
Defensive Scheme: 3-4

Los Angeles Rams 2017 Offensive Stats

Avg Score/Game: 32.89
Avg Time of Possession: 31:41

Offensive Plays/Game: 63.67
Offensive Yards/Game: 388.89

Offensive Yards/Play: 6.1
Rush Attempts/Game: 30.67
Rush Yards/Game: 128.78
Rush Yards/Attempt: 4.2
Rushing Touchdowns: 10

Pass Attempts/Game: 31.56
Pass Completions/Game: 19.44
Yards per Attempt: 8.2
Yards per Completion: 13.4
Completion %: 61.6
Passing Touchdowns: 16
Interceptions Thrown: 4

Giveaways: 12
Takeaways: 19
Turnover Differential: 7

Fumbles Lost: 8
Times Sacked: 13
Quarterback Hits: 61
Red Zone Attempts: 41
Red Zone Conversions: 21

Goal to Go Attempts: 0
Goal to Go Conversions: 0

Penalties: 62
Penalty Yards: 519

Los Angeles Rams 2017 Defensive/Opponent Stats

Opp Score/Game: 18
Opp Time of Possession: 29:19

Opp Plays/Game: 62.78
Opp Yards/Game: 322.11

Opp Yards/Play: 5.1
Opp Rush Attempts/Game: 26.33
Opp Rush Yards/Game: 118
Opp Rush Yards/Attempt: 4.5
Opp Rushing Touchdowns: 8

Opp Pass Attempts/Game: 33.33
Opp Pass Comp/Game: 19.11
Opp Yards/Attempt: 6.1
Opp Yards/Completion: 10.7
Opp Completion %: 57.3
Opp Passing Touchdowns: 11
Interceptions Made: 12

Opp Giveaways: 19
Opp Takeaways: 12
Opp Turnover Differential: -7

Opp Fumbles Lost: 7
Opp Times Sacked: 28
Opp Quarterback Hits: 39
Opp Red Zone Attempts: 26
Opp Red Zone Conversions: 14

Opp Goal to Go Attempts: 0
Opp Goal to Go Conversions: 0

Opp Penalties: 56
Opp Penalty Yards: 402

Los Angeles Rams Results by Week

Enter NFL Season:

2017 Los Angeles Rams Stats by Week

Week Opponent Location Points Scored Points Against Total Score Over /Under Point Spread Time of Possession Offensive Yards Rush Att Rush Yards Rush Yards/Att Rush TD Pass Att Pass Comp Pass Comp % Pass Yards Pass TD Pass INT Give Aways Take Aways FPs Earned

2017 Los Angeles Rams Team Roster

Position Category Position Depth Order Name Height Weight Games Played Games Started Current Status Age Years Exp FanDuel Points DraftKings Points
OFFOT1Andrew Whitworth6'7"33599Healthy351200
OFFC1John Sullivan6'3"30199Healthy32900
DEFOLB1Connor Barwin6'4"25499Questionable31900
OFFG1Rodger Saffold6'5"31899Probable29800
STLS0Jake McQuaide6'2"24790Healthy29700
DEFOLB1Robert Quinn6'4"26588Probable27700
DEFNT2Tyrunn Walker6'3"29493Healthy27500
DEFNT1Michael Brockers6'5"32299Healthy26600
STP1Johnny Hekker6'5"22790Healthy2760.150.15
DEFCB1Trumaine Johnson6'2"20499Healthy27600
DEFILB1Mark Barron6'1"21399Healthy28600
STK1Greg Zuerlein6'0"18790Healthy29614.560
OFFRB2Lance Dunbar5'8"19110Healthy2763.13.1
OFFWR1Robert Woods6'0"20198Healthy25511.6614.6
DEFCB1Kayvon Webster5'10"19577Healthy26500
DEFFS0Cody Davis6'1"20462Injured Reserve28500
OFFWR2Tavon Austin5'8"17495Healthy2652.773.49
DEFILB1Alec Ogletree6'2"24299Healthy26500
DEFCB2Nickell Robey5'7"16993Healthy25500
OFFTE3Derek Carrier6'4"23883Questionable2750.791.04
OFFWR1Sammy Watkins6'1"21198Healthy2447.979.47
DEFNT0Dominique Easley6'2"28800Injured Reserve25400
OFFOT2Cornelius Lucas6'8"31600Healthy26400
DEFDT1Aaron Donald6'1"28588Healthy26400
DEFFS1Lamarcus Joyner5'8"18466Questionable26400
DEFDE1Ethan Westbrooks6'3"26792Healthy27400
OFFRB1Todd Gurley6'1"22299Healthy23321.0624.56
OFFOT1Rob Havenstein6'7"32199Healthy25300
OFFG1Jamon Brown6'4"32399Healthy24300
OFFQB2Sean Mannion6'6"22930Healthy212-0.14-0.14
DEFILB2Bryce Hager6'1"23490Healthy22300
OFFRB4Malcolm Brown5'11"22470Out2423.844.2
DEFSS0Isaiah Johnson6'1"21300Practice Squad25300
DEFOLB2Matt Longacre6'3"26191Questionable26300
DEFCB3Troy Hill5'10"18260Questionable26300
OFFRB5Zach Laskey6'1"21800Injured Reserve25100
OFFOT2Darrell Williams6'5"29690Healthy24200
OFFQB1Jared Goff6'4"21599Healthy23218.2419.36
OFFTE1Tyler Higbee6'6"24999Healthy2423.934.88
OFFWR2Pharoh Cooper5'11"20390Healthy2221.31.74
DEFFS2Marqui Christian5'11"19460Healthy23200
OFFTE4Temarrick Hemingway6'5"22900Injured Reserve24200
DEFSS2Blake Countess5'9"18790Healthy24200
OFFQB3Brandon Allen6'1"21200Healthy25100
OFFC2Austin Blythe6'2"29890Healthy25200
DEFCB0Kevin Peterson5'10"18110Practice Squad23100
OFFG0Aaron Neary6'3"28700Practice Squad25100
OFFWR3Mike Thomas6'1"20010Healthy23200
DEFDE2Morgan Fox6'3"24590Healthy23200
DEFILB2Cory Littleton6'3"22691Healthy24200
OFFWR1Cooper Kupp6'1"19891Healthy2408.4110.19
OFFTE2Gerald Everett6'3"23992Healthy2303.463.9
DEFSS1John Johnson6'0"20895Healthy22000
DEFOLB2Samson Ebukam6'2"23390Healthy22000
OFFWR2Josh Reynolds6'3"19490Healthy2200.370.42
DEFOLB3Ejuan Price5'11"24110Healthy24000
DEFDT2Tanzel Smart6'1"29694Healthy23000
OFFTE5Johnny Mundt6'4"23110Healthy23000
OFFRB3Justin Davis6'1"19820Healthy2200.050.05
OFFRB7Lenard Tillery5'9"19400Injured Reserve23000
DEFCB2Dominique Hatfield5'10"16380Healthy22000