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NFL Playoff Scenarios Nov 2018
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NFL Week 17 playoff scenarios:

The following teams still have potential playoff relevance heading into the final week of the regular season. The most likely and plausible scenarios are covered here.

All week 17 games are divisional games.

Betting lines are as of the time of this writing.


New England Patriots (12-3) – A win locks up home-field advantage. As -15.5 points home favorites, New England hosts the New York Jets.

Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3) – A win and a Patriots loss locks up home-field advantage, otherwise the Steelers will be the #2 seed. As -13.5 home favorites, the Steelers will host the Cleveland Browns.

Jacksonville Jaguars (10-5) – Locked into the #3 seed. As +6 point road dogs, Jacksonville heads to Tennessee, who still have a wild card shot.

Kansas City Chiefs (9-6) – Locked into the #4 seed. As +3.5 point road dogs, Kansas City heads to Denver.

Baltimore Ravens (9-6) – Win and they’re in. As -10 point home favorites, Baltimore hosts Cincinnati. The Ravens are also in if they lose, but the Titans OR the Bills must also lose.

Tennessee Titans (8-7) – Win and they’re in. As -6 point home favorites, Tennessee hosts Jacksonville. The Titans can also get in with a loss but the Chargers AND Bills must both lose. DeMarco Murray (knee) may end up being a game-time decision.

Los Angeles Chargers (8-7) – The Chargers need some help getting in. As -8 point home favorites, the Chargers need a win hosting the Raiders, a Titans loss, AND a Ravens win, which will get them in as the 6th seed. Also, a win AND Titans AND Bills losses would get them in. Melvin Gordon (ankle) may be a game-time decision as he was seen in a walking boot post-game.

Buffalo Bills (8-7) – The Bills will need help getting in. As -3 point road favorites, a win at Miami AND a Ravens loss gets the Bills in. The Bills can also get in with a win, but the Titans AND Chargers must lose.


Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) – Locked in as the #1 seed. As +2.5 home point dogs, the Eagles will host Dallas.

Minnesota Vikings (12-3) – As -12 point favorites, a win against the visiting Bears locks up the #2 seed. A Vikings loss plus a Saints win OR a Rams win OR a Panthers loss also locks up the #2 seed. It is highly likely the Vikings end up as the #2 seed.

Los Angeles Rams (11-4) – Will end up as the #3 or #4 seed no matter what. The Rams host the 49ers as -4 point home favorites. Los Angeles starters may see less playing time as the team has nothing to gain.

New Orleans Saints (11-4) – As -7.5 point road favorites, a win at Tampa Bay OR a Panthers loss guarantees New Orleans a division title. This scenario is most likely.

Carolina Panthers (11-4) – Clinched a playoff spot. Carolina will head to Atlanta as +4 point dogs. The Panthers do have a shot at the division title and a higher seeding, but will need help to get there. The Panthers will most likely end up with the wild card spot.

Atlanta Falcons (9-6) – As -4 point home favorites, a win against the visiting Panthers locks the Falcons in with the 6th seed. A loss AND a Seattle loss would also lock in the Falcons as the 6th seed.

Seattle Seahawks (9-6) – As -8 point home favorites, a win against Arizona AND a Falcons loss would get the Seahawks a wild card spot.

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