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NFL Sunday Million at Fanduel Jun 2019
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The NFL Sunday Million hosted at FanDuel takes place every Sunday at 1pm. The entry fee is $25 but offers a guaranteed prize pool of $1.25 Million!

The 1st place prize is $120,000 and 2nd place receives $60,000… all for just $25! You are allowed to have multiple entries at $25 apiece and the following prize amounts are guaranteed.

NFL Sunday Million Guaranteed Prizes


The NFL Sunday Million allows for 57,471 entries, and the top 11,490 positions get paid. You are allowed unlimited entries to the contest but each entry will cost you $25, or you can use 60,000 FanDuel Points (FDP’s) to enter the contest. You can learn more about FanDuel Points here
The rules are quite simple and follow the typical FanDuel fantasy football rules. Just build your team of 9 players from the day’s games. You have a $60,000 budget to fill your squad and your team consists of a QB, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker, and one team defense.

Build Your NFL Sunday Million Lineup


Like other FanDuel leagues, scoring in the NFL Sunday Million is based on the follow stats:

FanDuel Offensive Scoring


FanDuel Defensive Scoring


Looks like fun, right? Click here to play in the NFL Sunday Million at FanDuel!


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