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Denver Broncos 2017 Team Data

Overall Record: 2 - 0 - 0

In Week 3, the Denver Broncos have an away game against the Buffalo Bills.

Conference: AFC
Division: West
Division Record: 1 - 0
Conference Record: 1 - 0
Bye Week: 5

Head Coach: Vance Joseph
Off Coordinator: Mike McCoy
Def Coordinator: Joe Woods
Special Teams: Brock Olivo

Home Stadium: Sports Authority Field at Mile High
City: Denver
Playing Surface: Grass
Offensive Scheme: 3WR
Defensive Scheme: 3-4

Denver Broncos 2017 Offensive Stats

Avg Score/Game: 33
Avg Time of Possession: 34:02

Offensive Plays/Game: 70.5
Offensive Yards/Game: 350.5

Offensive Yards/Play: 5
Rush Attempts/Game: 37.5
Rush Yards/Game: 159
Rush Yards/Attempt: 4.2
Rushing Touchdowns: 2

Pass Attempts/Game: 30
Pass Completions/Game: 19.5
Yards per Attempt: 6.4
Yards per Completion: 9.8
Completion %: 65
Passing Touchdowns: 6
Interceptions Thrown: 2

Giveaways: 4
Takeaways: 3
Turnover Differential: -1

Fumbles Lost: 2
Times Sacked: 6
Quarterback Hits: 13
Red Zone Attempts: 9
Red Zone Conversions: 7

Goal to Go Attempts: 0
Goal to Go Conversions: 0

Penalties: 11
Penalty Yards: 123

Denver Broncos 2017 Defensive/Opponent Stats

Opp Score/Game: 19
Opp Time of Possession: 26:58

Opp Plays/Game: 61
Opp Yards/Game: 258.5

Opp Yards/Play: 4.2
Opp Rush Attempts/Game: 18
Opp Rush Yards/Game: 52
Opp Rush Yards/Attempt: 2.9
Opp Rushing Touchdowns: 0

Opp Pass Attempts/Game: 41.5
Opp Pass Comp/Game: 26
Opp Yards/Attempt: 5
Opp Yards/Completion: 7.9
Opp Completion %: 62.7
Opp Passing Touchdowns: 5
Interceptions Made: 3

Opp Giveaways: 3
Opp Takeaways: 4
Opp Turnover Differential: 1

Opp Fumbles Lost: 0
Opp Times Sacked: 3
Opp Quarterback Hits: 13
Opp Red Zone Attempts: 5
Opp Red Zone Conversions: 3

Opp Goal to Go Attempts: 0
Opp Goal to Go Conversions: 0

Opp Penalties: 12
Opp Penalty Yards: 109

Denver Broncos Results by Week

Enter NFL Season:

2017 Denver Broncos Stats by Week

Week Opponent Location Points Scored Points Against Total Score Over /Under Point Spread Time of Possession Offensive Yards Rush Att Rush Yards Rush Yards/Att Rush TD Pass Att Pass Comp Pass Comp % Pass Yards Pass TD Pass INT Give Aways Take Aways FPs Earned

2017 Denver Broncos Team Roster

Position Category Position Depth Order Name Height Weight Games Played Games Started Current Status Age Years Exp FanDuel Points DraftKings Points
OFFG2Allen Barbre6'4"30520Healthy331000
DEFNT2Ahtyba Rubin6'3"33000Healthy311000
DEFCB1Aqib Talib6'1"20522Healthy311000
DEFNT1Domata Peko6'3"31822Healthy321200
OFFRB2Jamaal Charles5'11"19920Healthy30103.854.6
OFFWR1Emmanuel Sanders5'11"18022Healthy30812.6514.9
OFFWR1Demaryius Thomas6'3"22922Probable2989.6513.9
DEFFS1Darian Stewart5'11"21621Probable29800
OFFTE1Virgil Green6'3"24922Healthy2976.57.25
DEFCB1Chris Harris5'10"19022Healthy28600
DEFOLB1Von Miller6'3"24622Probable28700
DEFNT0Billy Winn6'4"29500Injured Reserve28600
DEFDE0Jared Crick6'4"27900Injured Reserve28600
DEFILB1Brandon Marshall6'1"24222Healthy28600
OFFQB2Brock Osweiler6'7"24200Healthy26600
DEFDE1Derek Wolfe6'5"29522Healthy27600
OFFOT2Donald Stephenson6'5"30720Healthy29600
OFFG1Ronald Leary6'3"31822Healthy28600
STK1Brandon McManus6'3"20120Healthy26460
OFFRB1CJ Anderson5'8"22422Healthy26519.121.6
OFFOT1Menelik Watson6'5"31022Healthy28500
OFFG2Billy Turner6'5"31500Healthy25400
DEFDE2Zach Kerr6'1"32600Probable27400
DEFOLB1Shaquil Barrett6'1"26022Healthy24400
OFFWR1Bennie Fowler6'1"21721Questionable2638.459.45
OFFWR2Cody Latimer6'2"21520Healthy2441.62.1
DEFILB2Corey Nelson6'0"21520Healthy25400
OFFC1Matt Paradis6'3"30622Healthy27300
DEFCB2Bradley Roby5'11"19421Healthy25400
DEFDE3Shelby Harris6'2"28821Healthy26300
STLS0Casey Kreiter6'3"25020Healthy27200
DEFOLB2Kasim Edebali6'2"25320Healthy28400
DEFOLB0Shane Ray6'3"24900Injured Reserve24300
OFFTE3Jeff Heuerman6'5"25420Probable2232.252.75
OFFG1Max Garcia6'4"30922Healthy25300
DEFCB3Lorenzo Doss5'10"18210Healthy23300
OFFTE2AJ Derby6'5"24520Healthy2632.453.2
OFFQB1Trevor Siemian6'3"21222Healthy25323.6525.65
OFFWR2Jordan Taylor6'4"20400Healthy25200
DEFILB1Todd Davis6'1"23022Healthy25400
DEFILB2Zaire Anderson5'11"22020Healthy25200
OFFQB3Paxton Lynch6'7"24400Out23200
OFFRB3Devontae Booker5'11"21900Probable25200
DEFDE1Adam Gotsis6'4"28721Healthy25200
DEFSS1Justin Simmons6'2"20222Healthy23200
OFFC2Connor McGovern6'4"30620Healthy24200
OFFFB5Andy Janovich6'1"23021Healthy24200
DEFFS2Will Parks6'0"21120Healthy23200
STP1Riley Dixon6'4"22120Healthy24200
DEFNT3Kyle Peko6'1"30810Healthy24200
OFFQB4Chad Kelly6'2"22400Injured Reserve23000
OFFOT1Garett Bolles6'5"29722Questionable25000
DEFOLB2Demarcus Walker6'4"28020Healthy22000
OFFWR3Carlos Henderson5'11"19900Injured Reserve22000
DEFCB2Brendan Langley6'0"20110Out22000
OFFTE5Jake Butt6'5"24600Injured Reserve22000
OFFWR2Isaiah McKenzie5'7"17320Healthy22000
OFFRB4De'Angelo Henderson5'7"20220Healthy24000
DEFNT0Tyrique Jarrett6'2"35710Practice Squad23000
DEFSS2Jamal Carter6'1"21220Healthy23000