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The DraftKings 2016 $10 Million Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) in New York City is in the books and below is what the 1st place $2 Million winning lineup looks like!

This lineup ran a Colts QB-WR-TE stack, and it turns out Travis Benjamin’s negative score didn’t matter. The Atlanta defense was the ultimate value play and at less than 5% owned!

Congrats to Escot4 as this year’s DraftKings FFWC champion!

DraftKings NFL 2016 Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) $2 Million Winning Lineup


DraftKings 2016 FFWC winning lineup salary amounts

The salary amounts for the full week:

Andrew Luck – $6900 (5th highest)

Le’Veon Bell – $9000 (2nd highest)

LeSean McCoy – $8200 (4th highest)

Travis Benjamin – $4100 (54th highest)

Taylor Gabriel – $4300 (58th highest)

T.Y. Hilton – $7500 (6th highest)

Jack Doyle – $4100 (25th highest)

Atlanta Falcons – $3100 (8th highest)

Total salary amounts used amounted to $47,200 out of the $50,000 salary cap.

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